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We are a web design company. Designing, building and marketing new and existing websites.

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Website designers in Brighouse near, Halifax, Huddersfield and Leeds


DDME is a website design and development company, specialising in digital media. The majority of our work is spent designing websites, building them, marketing them or improving existing sites.

How can I gauge the quality of DDME's work?

The design of our sites are visually impressive, though just as importantly, they’re easy to use. We’ve invested a large amount of time in ensuring the work that we produce is effective, usable and accessible.

What's the cost, when will the work be finished?

Unless after our initial estimate you add to the original brief, the fee you pay will be as per the original costs. Before commencing a project we will agree timings and stick to them. We will deliver on time and on budget.

How will visitors find my website?

There’s no point having a website that no one visits. We can help you with optimising your content, increasing your search engine ranking to drive traffic to your website.

Can I update my own website?

We have our own content managment system. Our content management system is built for users who like to use a simple, non-techie, yet powerful approach to managing their website content.

What's a CSS, xHTML with MySQL?

The web is full of acronyms, though that’s not how we talk. We like to think that we use plain English to explain what it is that we’re describing. This is also the language and tone of voice used in our work.

Where is my website?

We have our own web hosting that is only used by our clients. So we know exactly what is happening on our servers. Our dedicated servers are managed in a data-centre, where we can guarantee 99.9% network availability.

Websites designed and built with love...